The Momentum Theorem

Dan KingThis is a guest post from Dan King. Dan writes for Crooked Halo Blog which is a humorous approach to spiritual growth through the eyes of a true geek.

Can we be honest with each other and simply agree that January should officially be named “Holiday Cookie Recovery Month”? Just when we thought “deviled” eggs weren’t as bad as the name suggested, we were proven wrong yet again. Darn half truths strike again! My wife’s recent success from Weight Watchers doesn’t simply result from sticking more of these emblems in the kitchen than Justin Bieber pictures in your daughter’s room. The success stems from keeping a daily journal of what she ate. We simply cannot consistently improve anything that we aren’t measuring. The same success is found with money when we actually keep a journal (budget) of what we are spending every penny on (thanks Dave Ramsey). Is it just me, or do the rest of you feel like each year the calendar carousel seems to spin faster? By the end of 2012 I felt like I had just stumbled off the teacup ride at Disney Land and ready to blow those pesky holiday cookies. If tracking what we ate helped us obtain our weight goals by cutting out the brontosaurus burgers, and tracking what we spent in our budget helped us with our financial goals by cutting out the 76th pair of orange shoes, why shouldn’t tracking our time help when obtaining our big goals by cutting out the watching of reality TV? I believe these next two statements can change the way we spend our time, which in effect can change our lives.

momentum theoremIf the Devil can’t make us really bad, then he’ll try to make us really busy.

You have enough time to do everything God wants you to do.

I recently wrote about how to set “SMART” goals, but obtaining those goals are easier when we track our time. I found a free tool that is so easy, you’ll actually use it. This does for your productivity what Weight Watchers can do for someone’s weight and what a budget can do for your finances. Let’s keep God centered in our goals, along with the personal time tracking to help you get there, and then the momentum theorem will come alive.

Formula of the Week (Momentum Theorem)

Focused Intensity over time multiplied by God creates momentum.

Question: What goal have you recently set or one that previously failed can you apply the momentum Theorem to? Drop us a comment and let us know.

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