Open Source Preaching

Central is hosting Willow Creek’s Leadership Summit again this year and one of the presenters, Gary Hamel, posed some interesting questions to churches. One of them is why don’t preachers employ open sourcing when it comes to writing the sermons?
Open source philosophy is one of the secrets behind the success of things like Wikipedia, Linux, and the iPhone. It allows unlimited amounts of people to speak into the creation of a product or project. So here’s an idea that I’ll throw out to you: I would love to post the message topic a couple weeks out and invite your feedback as we write them.
So let’s try it and I’ll open it up to you guys. In two weeks, we begin a new series called Famous Lost Words. The first week is on integrity. So if you can take a moment, please leave a comment with any ideas you come up with concerning movie clips, quotes, scriptures, illustrations, etc. for the topic of integrity. I’d love to make this a part of the sermon creation process if you guys are willing to speak into it. The sky is the limit, so think creatively and share some of your genius.

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Jeremy Jernigan

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