People Inspire People

My first book of 2022 was The Storyteller by Dave Grohl. Dave is the frontman of the band Foo Fighters and was the drummer for Nirvana. I’ve been a Dave fan since his song “Everlong” enamored me as a junior higher.

The book is a fun look at the life of a rockstar. What’s most surprising is Dave’s humility every time he meets one of his musical heroes. He recounts story after story of these encounters throughout the book and the joy he has in each one is contagious. Throughout these stories he repeated a phrase that has stuck with me.

“People inspire people.”

As an artist, he attributes much of his inspiration and creativity to the people he’s interacted with in his life. I appreciate the simplicity of this idea and it seems this is an insight we would do well to keep at the forefront of our lives.

We’re all trying to keep our heads above water amidst a collective weariness in our world. Michelle and I have noticed that we seem to be getting Covid emails from our kids’ schools every day for every grade. None of us are quite sure what ‘normal’ looks like anymore. We are likely spending less time with others these last few years than ever before. Now more than ever it matters that invest ourselves into the people around us.

Who inspires you?

Maybe you know them personally, maybe not. If you do, you might give them a call or check in on them. Ask them what they’re working on or what they’re excited about in their life. Make the effort to put yourself in a position to be inspired. Maybe it’s an author or a musician you admire. Read something they’ve written or listen to their music again.

Who needs inspiration from you?

Maybe someone comes to mind who you know is having a hard time and your words seem to carry significant influence in their life. A text message or phone call might give them a much-needed spark for their day (or week).

Our world could do with a bit more inspiration. Thankfully we have the people necessary to do it.

Our world could do with a bit more inspiration. Thankfully we have the people necessary to do it. Share on X

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Jeremy Jernigan

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