Well, if you look at the timestamp on this post you’ll see that I’m writing this at 3:29am on Friday morning. I’m getting the sneaking suspicion that God is preparing me for fatherhood. Let me recap my previous nights for you: Wednesday night / Thursday morning: I wake up at 4:30am to find out that my wife has apparently conclusively determined that her body can’t handle jalepenos while she’s pregnant. I stay up with her in between puking sessions and then take a quick “cat nap” before I have to wake up at 5:30am for Ironman. Thursday night / Friday morning: My dog Chloe decides that it is playtime at 3:00am by parading around our room in hopes that we’ll get out of bed. When that doesn’t work she resorts to making this high-pitch whining noise which I’m not even sure how she makes. I’ve now determined this to be one of the few noises MORE annoying than my alarm clock. Impressive. When that backfires on her and we lock her in her crate she responds by throwing up inside and outside of it. We then get up and take her out to go to the bathroom because evidently she is on some time schedule that we aren’t keeping up with. And the encouraging thing about all this? People keep telling me that I have till mid-november to enjoy my sleep. So until then, here’s to preparation.

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Jeremy Jernigan

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