Reunion (Book Review)

Reunion (Book Review)

I recently finished a great book from a Canadian pastor named Bruxy Cavey. Bruxy has helped to challenge my theological assumptions in numerous ways over the years (I even quoted him from a previous book if you watched my sermon yesterday). He also has the coolest tattoo I’ve ever seen which I explained in my blog about his last book (see: The End of Religion). As you’ll learn the more you get a feel for him, he has an incredible ability to help you see past the weirdness of religion and refocus on Jesus. The image above (in yellow) is what he calls the Gospel in 30 words. Here are a few of my favorite quotes from Bruxy’s latest book called Reunion: The Good News of Jesus for Seekers, Saints, and Sinners:
The Bible is not a painting to be looked at, but a window to be looked through, and through that window we see Jesus. You will find truth in all religions, but you will not find the truth of the gospel anywhere else. The nature of hell is not a key concept when it comes to the gospel. Hell is never mentioned in the book of Acts, for instance, which records many gospel presentations of the early church leaders. Why? Because the early Jesus-followers knew this one simple truth: the gospel is more about running toward Someone rather than about running away from something. For Jesus, religion was like a big fat finger pointing to God but obstructing everyone’s view. So he had to shut it down. Even though we learn about Jesus from the Bible, the Jesus we learn about in the Bible would not advocate following the Bible. Rather, we read the Bible to learn about the failure of the old and the beauty of the new, brought about by Jesus, who said “Follow me.” Grace means that we Christians are those peculiar people who gather together every Sunday morning to celebrate the fact that we don’t have to gather together every Sunday morning to be saved. We read the Bible regularly to be reminded of the good news that we don’t have to read the Bible regularly to be right with God. We sing songs of worship to express our adoration for the One who says we don’t have to sing, or pray, or meditate, or participate in any liturgy in order to be on God’s good side. Grace frees us up to celebrate God’s love because we are done trying to earn it.

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