Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus

Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus

After receiving two separate recommendations for Nabeel Qureshi’s book Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus, I figured it was finally time to read it. I’m glad I did. Nabeel tells his story of growing up as a devout Muslim and his journey with the God of the Bible. The book follows the journey of Nabeel’s friendship with a Christian named David. You learn early on that these two guys are smarter than most, and their conversations have a deep foundation in apologetics. Both men are rooted in their beliefs and eager to show the other the error of his ways. It is in the context of this friendship that Nabeel is able to see his Muslim faith in a new light. He sheds light into many aspects of Islam that the typical person may not understand. As one example, Nabeel says,
THE MESSAGE OF ISLAM is intertwined with its messenger. Allegiance to one more than implies allegiance to the other; it is often defined by it. What makes this surprising is that the same is not the case for Allah. Muslims who question Allah are usually tolerated by other Muslims, but questioning Muhammad is grounds for excommunication, or worse. Even though every Muslim would quickly admit that Muhammad is human, in theory fallible like any other man, they often revere him as flawless. To that end, Islamic theology has accorded him the title al-Insan al-Kamil, “the man who has attained perfection.”
His story is courageous, heartbreaking, and beautiful. When Nabeel realizes what becoming a Christian will mean for him, he breaks down with God. The conclusion he arrives at sounds like our motto at Central. “This is not about me. It is about Him and His love for His children.”  

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