The Tension of Creativity

I came across this quote from Steve Jobs and I think it profoundly describes the tension between creating something and then pulling it off. Part of the reason my role changed at Central a few years back was so I could oversee both our creative team and our production team. Before that, these two teams would often experience a stalemate with no way to navigate through it. Odds are that you are probably in one of these two camps.
One of the things I learned at Pixar is the Technology industries and the content industries do not understand each other. In Silicon Valley and at most technology companies, I swear that most people still think the creative process is a bunch of guys in their early 30s, sitting on a couch, drinking beer and thinking of jokes. No, they really do. That’s how television is made, they think; that’s how movies are made. People in the content industries think technology is something you just write a check for and buy. They don’t understand the creative element of technology. These are like ships passing in the night. -Steve Jobs
As Andy Stanley would say, this is a tension to be managed. I think a huge first step is to acknowledge our own stereotypes of those in the other camp and realize that they are trying to figure out how to work with us as much as we are with them. This is one of the great symbiotic relationships of our time. Creators need people to execute their ideas. Technical people need content to create. They both see the world very differently but they both need each other. Have you learned any helpful insights in your own experience with this tension?

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Jeremy Jernigan

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