The Two Headed Beast from Hell

Alarm clock At the beginning of the year I wrote about having a new year’s resolution. We are about midway through February now. So… how are you doing on your resolution? Mine has been waking up earlier in the morning. This is part of my quest to transform from a night owl to a morning person. I’ve attacked this from two angles by both waking up earlier most days and also by aiming for an earlier bedtime at night. So far, it’s worked better than I’d even hoped. Through this process I had an intriguing insight. Whenever I had tried to wake up early in the past it was also to workout. This was never something I was able to maintain. Since I’ve been waking up early this year I haven’t been using that time to workout but to read, check emails, and go in to work early. This has proved immensely more doable. It made me wonder how often we attempt things but we bite off more than we can chew without realizing it. So I realized that in previous attempts I was tackling two things requiring lots of my discipline: waking up early and working out. Either one of them by themselves is doable. Combined, they are a two headed beast from Hell. My track record with that beast isn’t very good either. What is something that you’d like to change or improve about yourself? It’s probably something you’ve attempted in the past but never found traction with it. It might be:
  • losing weight
  • reading more
  • quitting something
  • starting something
  • getting out of debt
How could you try that again by narrowing it down to the most basic level as a baby step? Make sure you aren’t unintentionally combining a few things at once. Find a way to create momentum daily and watch what happens. Discipline begets discipline and momentum begets momentum. On a side note, one of the benefits of waking up early is that you see some amazing sunrises in Arizona like the picture below that I took this week. Arizona sunrise

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Jeremy Jernigan

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