What Happened to Veggie Tales?

I would guess that many of my readers are familiar with the cartoon show Veggie Tales. I’ve been aware of them for awhile now and have recently become much more acquainted with them as my kids have fallen in love with them. While most of the Veggie Tales cartoons are half an hour or so, they do have a few full movies. The Jonah movie in particular I was impressed with. I was later shocked to learn that this movie was one of the nail in the coffins that put Big Idea Productions into bankruptcy and ultimately new ownership. My curiosity got the better of me and I Googled to find out the real story. I then read through page after page of the story straight from the president of the company, Phil Vischer. Click here to read it yourself. It is incredibly sad and moving. I appreciate the depth of honesty and vulnerability that Phil relates as he depicts his journey in trying to be faithful to the vision God gave him. Its written in eleven parts so it will take you a bit of time to read through the whole story. But it is worth it. Here are some of Phil’s quotes that stuck with me (the first one cracks me up):
I was beginning to sound like a Cubs fan. A dream is a powerful thing. There is little more thrilling than seeing a dream come to life. And little more heartbreaking than watching it die. I have seen the enemy, and he is me. My strengths built Big Idea, and my weaknesses brought it down.
For any of us who have boldly tried to tackle a dream that God laid on our hearts, this story sounds a lot like our own story. I’ve bet we’ve all been there before. The details are different, and Phil’s story happens on a large scale, but it is refreshing to see a faithful follower of Christ follow Him through the ups and downs of the journey.

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