What is your Walkscore?

Thanks to my friend Steve, I’ve been exposed to a great website called walkscore.com. It is a website that calculates your address based on what is within walking distance. It shows you where the closest coffee shops, restaurants, schools, parks, movie theaters and the like are. Your score is based on how many of these are available within reasonable walking distance from where you live.

This is very intriguing to me for many reasons. One, gas is ridiculously expensive. But more importantly, I would guess that the higher your home scores the more opportunity you have for community with others. People would be more likely to get out from behind their vehicles and would slow down enough to walk places. Sadly, my house scored a 28 out of 100. Walkscore determined that a car-dependent location.

So what if we factored this into where we chose to live? Could this change our view of community? Test it out yourself and share your walkscore as a comment on this post. I’d love to compare and see where everyone is on this scale.

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Jeremy Jernigan

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