What the Dog Saw

What the Dog Saw - Malcolm GladwellI just finished my last of Malcom Gladwell’s books called “What the Dog Saw.” It is a collection of essays that he has written for the New Yorker Magazine. Each chapter is a completely different topic, so there isn’t much connection or flow overall, and one of the chapters seemed to contradict his points in a couple of other ones. Nonetheless, it is an intriguing read by a guy that has quickly become one of my favorite authors. Here are some of the quotes that stood out to me:
“The trick to finding ideas is to convince yourself that everyone and everything has a story to tell. I say trick but what I really mean is challenge, because it’s a very hard thing to do. Our instinct as humans, after all, is to assume that mot things are not interesting.” “Happiness, in one sense, is a function of how closely our world conforms to the infinite variety of human preference. But that makes it easy to forget that sometimes happiness can be found in having what we’ve always had and everyone else is having.” “But there is nothing like being an NFL quarterback except being an NFL quarterback. A prediction, in a field where prediction is not possible, is no more than a prejudice.” “We associate the willingness to risk great failure — and the ability to climb back from catastrophe — with courage. But in this we are wrong. There is more courage and heroism in defying the human impulse, in taking the purposeful and painful steps to prepare for the unimaginable.” “They were there looking for people who had the talent to think outside the box. It never occurred to them that, if everyone had to think outside the box, maybe it was the box that needed fixing.”

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