Where is Your Place?

I’m sitting in Hawaii at the moment, and the picture above was my view yesterday evening. We had to wake up at 5am to catch our flight (which was 2am Hawaii time) and that was the third day in a row I had to get up at that hour. While that may be normal for some of you reading this, this is brutal for a night owl like myself. As I stared at the view above I could literally feel my stress and anxiety flow away. I could sense myself returning back to the guy who can be contemplative and creative. But it often takes a place like this. Now it isn’t realistic to rely on a gorgeous place like Hawaii to find this sort of balance. That’s why my normal place is on my back patio with our waterfall in the pool running beside me. That is where I normally choose to read and write and reflect. Where is your place? Where is that place that you have regularly (or occasionally only) where you go to unwind and get back to those things that make you tick? If you feel the stress and busyness of life starting to add up, it may be time to find some silence in your place.

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Jeremy Jernigan

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