Words I Live By (Pt.1)

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I got the idea to write out key phrases on a note card from Austin Kleon. The reality is that I have a handful of phrases that repeatedly run though my mind and affect so many of the decisions that I make. I started writing out a handful of them both as a discipline for me to think through them as well as to have for a reminder. I’ll share a handful of these as blog posts with an explanation of each sentence. Hopefully one or more of them can become foundational for you as well. This first phrase is something my dad is prone to say often. “Nothing changes when nothing changes.” Said another way, the outcome never changes when the system never changes. So, if you are looking for different results in your personal life, in your job, or with your family, something has to change. Sadly, we often go through the emotions of frustration when we keep arriving at the same unsatisfactory results. Yet we rarely connect the dots and change something that caused the results. If you want something to change in your life, you need to change something to get there. Simple, yet profound. What will you change?

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