Would You Pray More?

Gavin JerniganWould you pray more if you were able to see the results of your prayers? What if you could receive a thank you from the people who were affected by your prayers? Flashback to shortly after our first year of marriage. Michelle and I were on the “five year plan” for kids. I wanted a boy and a girl and my free time somewhat preserved. Instead, we were told that because of some medical complications, we should start trying to have kids immediately if we wanted any biologically. This was quite the blow to our comfortable plan. Instead of having at least three more years of just us we instead changed to preparing to have a baby in nine months. The only challenge was that we couldn’t get pregnant. Even with month after month of trying. So we prayed. And prayed. And kept praying. For a year and a half this was our constant prayer to God. In the final month before we would give up trying and look into other options we decided to open up to our Life Group about our situation. Nobody really knew what we were going through. That month we invited our close friends to pray with us for a child. And right before we were to transition to plan B we found out that Gavin was on the way. Fast forward to today. We’ve had lots of conversations with our kids trying to prepare them for when we receive our first foster child. As you might imagine, this is no easy task to explain the foster concept to a four, three, and one year old. Recently, Michelle explained to our four year old Gavin that we need to be praying for the child whom God will allow us to bring into our home. She also explained to him that we had prayed for him to be born for over two years before he was alive. It’s hard to know what a child can process at that age. Not long after, Gavin randomly tells both Michelle and I something amazing:
Gavin Jernigan“Thank you for praying for me. Otherwise I wouldn’t get to be in our family.”
That one gets me every time I think about it. That little observation from our four year old is a blessing from God. But it is also an encouragement that what we pray about matters immensely. We don’t usually pray for someone or some situation and imagine that the person will later thank us for it. Maybe if we could imagine that moment we’d see the potential waiting on us when we invite a supernatural God to make something happen.

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