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You Need to Time Travel 6I wrote a couple of emails to myself today… in the future. Let me explain.

I know I’ve written about time travel before and expressed my love for how it can affect a good story in books like this. But I’m talking about a practical way that you can do it yourself.

There is a great website called that allows you to send an email to yourself at any specified time in the future. This can be a couple of months from now or decades from now. The purpose is to check in with yourself to see how you are following through with goals or ideas that you have currently. What better gut-check could there be than hearing from a younger version of you?

I’ll be honest, it is more of an odd experience than I thought. It feels a bit schizophrenic to talk to yourself this way. Regardless, I pushed through this awkwardness and checked in on myself with a few goals that I’ve set for the future. Hopefully I forget about the emails (they are a few years from now) and that they have the desired effect when the older version of myself finds them in my inbox, or maybe they’ll appear on my retina lens contacts…


The Science of Pornography

A note before you read:

  • This post will be easy for the male readers to process.
  • For the ladies, it might seem that you are off the hook. However, I’d encourage you to continue reading and do so with the application of what this might look like in your own life. What defines “porn” in our culture is subjective. The essence of what we are talking about will look different for men and women but both sexes can ultimately be affected in the same way. I’ve written previously about emotional pornography and I think this is what women often struggle with.

Whenever we talk about pornography, especially in the church, it often sounds like this: “Even though you may want to look at porn, don’t do it. God doesn’t want you to.” It’s no surprise that non-Christians view this logic as absurd and that many Christians often struggle with this.

While there are plenty of great spiritual arguments as to why we shouldn’t allow ourselves to experience porn (in any of its many forms), here is a great video that shows the science behind what happens to our brains. This applies whether we are talking about graphical or emotional pornography.


How Much are Dog Teeth Worth?


Michelle and I had an interesting conversation last week. She took our dog Chloe to the vet and then came home to report to me that we had just committed $600 for our dog. What’s the $600 for? I’m glad you asked… cleaning her teeth.

Now depending on how you are predisposed to feel toward animals you might react to this in one of two ways. For the animal lovers who cry every time Sarah McLaughlin sings a sad song about pets (you know who you are), you look at this as an obvious investment into a family member. For the non-animal lovers among us, this is a tough pill to swallow for teeth cleaning. For a dog.

As Michelle explained the details to me it was obvious she had mentally spent the money already. This wasn’t a whitening service we were getting for our dog. Apparently her teeth were in bad need of deep cleaning. I offered a few contrary perspectives that I felt should be discussed. She eventually put it into perspective for me.


The Best Fat Michael Jackson

About five years ago my friend J.J. Peterson was in a Missy Elliot music video (it happened to be the first music video in 3D). Recently, he had a chance to tell the story. Not only is this great storytelling, it’s also an example of how to handle a very delicate moment like a pro.

For those of you who have read my book (or heard me share my own story), J.J. is the guy who spoke a prophetic word into my life when I was at a crossroads during my senior year of high school (he was a student pastor back then). He’s lived quite the productive life so far!

After you watch his story you’ll for sure be wondering about his big moment in the spotlight. Below is a screenshot from that music video to give you an idea of what he’s talking about.


The Two Headed Beast from Hell

Alarm clock

At the beginning of the year I wrote about having a new year’s resolution. We are about midway through February now. So… how are you doing on your resolution?

Mine has been waking up earlier in the morning. This is part of my quest to transform from a night owl to a morning person. I’ve attacked this from two angles by both waking up earlier most days and also by aiming for an earlier bedtime at night. So far, it’s worked better than I’d even hoped.

Through this process I had an intriguing insight. Whenever I had tried to wake up early in the past it was also to workout. This was never something I was able to maintain. Since I’ve been waking up early this year I haven’t been using that time to workout but to read, check emails, and go in to work early. This has proved immensely more doable. It made me wonder how often we attempt things but we bite off more than we can chew without realizing it.


The Inbox Challenge

Ever struggled to keep up with email? Uh, yeah. Me too.

I hear so many people talk about the daily grind of trying to keep up with email. Regardless of what email software you use, the following video explains an easy trick that I’ve used for years now and that helps me to navigate my email with very little stress or anxiety. Watch the video and try it yourself!

Question: How many emails are currently in your inbox?