Partnership with Faithlife (Logos)

Partnership with Faithlife (Logos)

I’m excited to announce I’ve started a partnership with a company called Faithlife. This will allow me to offer resources to my readers at a discount and add an avenue for financially supporting my writing.

Faithlife makes an unbelievable program called the Logos Bible Software. I started using that software in college and continue to use it to this day. I’ve used it for school papers, sermons, blog posts, books, and those moments I stumble upon a really good theology question. The software allows you to digitally search through the Bible and other books and commentaries to dive deep into any topic or idea you are interested in as you study a passage. There’s nothing else like it.

I would recommend it for pastors, students attending seminary, or anyone with an interest in going deeper in studying the Bible for themselves.

In addition to Bible software they also sell many of the books I read. Moving forward I’ll be using their links for books rather than Amazon whenever possible.

We are also working on a new package deal for my favorite theology books as well as some other exciting ideas. I’m grateful to partner with companies and products that I value immensely and have been key resources for me.

With my link, you can get the basic Logos Fundamentals Software for as low as $50 and then build from there (if desired). Logos has many different levels of the Bible software available (adding more resources and features) and you can get any of them at a discount.

CLICK HERE to check it out for yourself.

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