Avoid the 13th Floor

Avoid the 13th Floor

What odd beliefs are you carrying around with you?

I considered this question as I stared at the buttons for a hotel elevator (weird things happen in my brain when it gets silent around me). As is common in many elevators, this one didn’t have a thirteenth floor. Now when you think about Americans culturally, we don’t seem like the superstitious type. Especially if you’ve travelled the world much. I remember a host family just about losing their minds when a friend of mine started whistling indoors when we were in Nepal. They equated that as him calling on demonic spirits. That’s superstitious.

But here we are, priding ourselves on being people of logic and reasoning, and we can’t include a thirteenth floor. Here’s the funny part, unless the building ends with the twelfth floor (as you can clearly see is not the case in the picture above), you still have a thirteenth floor. You’re just calling it something different. That’s superstitious.

This caused me to wonder what other weird beliefs and superstitions we carry with us each day, often without ever acknowledging their presence. If you are a person of faith, do you know why? Could you articulate your faith in God with some semblance of logic in your explanation? If you are not a person of faith, do you know why? Could you articulate your denial of God with some semblance of logic?

Logic by itself does a poor job trying to completely explain either position, but I suspect most of us have a lot more superstitions in our belief system than we care to think about. Faith is not the same as a superstition. Faith fills in the gaps when logic cannot take us any further. Superstitions ignore logic. Live by logic and faith, not superstitions.

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Jeremy Jernigan

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