Our First Two Amendments

In light of so much that has happened lately, especially in my home state, I absolutely love this quote above from Brian Zahnd. It grieves me to watch Christians in America who primarily associate with our nation instead of our faith. It’s time for believers to actively stand against this.

It’s time to celebrate the cross instead of the flag.

It’s time to serve the oppressed instead of worrying only about protecting our borders.

It’s time to extend rights to those who live differently than us.

It’s time to love others instead of defending our guns.

I’m grateful for the many freedoms we have in America. But I’m saddened when Christians allow those freedoms to cloud our allegiance to the radical life Jesus called us to live.

What would happen if we spent less time celebrating our civic freedoms and more time following Jesus?

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Jeremy Jernigan

Speaker | Author | Founder of Communion Wine Co. https://linktr.ee/JeremyJernigan