24/7 Prayer

[T]his week I had the chance to spend an hour at Central’s 24/7 prayer event. I love the imagery at each station and the chance to calm down, relax, and allow my mind to wander wherever God would lead me. There were a couple of highlights for me. First, there was a station where you thought through the areas where you are weak in your life. You wrote the main area down on a piece of paper with a picture of nails and pinned it to a cross. Then, you wrote down how you will protect yourself in this area by writing that down on a piece of paper with a cross on it. Here was mine: The other station that stood out to me the most was one that invited you to reflect on the storms of your life. There were two pictures, one of a ship in a storm and another of a ship in calm waters. As I’ve written about recently, I definitely relate to the ship in the storms right now. Sitting there and inviting God into this reality was tremendously encouraging for me. The final station was a computer with a prayer blog for people to leave their comments from the experience. You can see it here.

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