31 Days to Finding Your Blogging Mojo

[R]ecently I finished Bryan Allain’s eBook about blogging. It was a surprisingly fun and easy book to work through. While his content was solid, it was his writing style that made the book dazzle.

There were two practical ideas in particular that I am taking away from this book:

  1. Leave a comment on 5 other blogs a day to become a great networked blogger
  2. Use twitter to post multiple links to each post (at different times) to leverage your content

He also includes an excerpt from his blog in between each chapter. They include things such as this gem, “A spoon is just a mini-bowl with a handle.”

If you are a blogger, or if you just enjoy good comedic writing, this is a book you should definitely check out. Also, Bryan’s blog is a daily dose of goodness that you can find here.

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Jeremy Jernigan

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