3 Bloggers I’m Thankful for

One of the blogs I read regularly encouraged fellow bloggers to post some of the sites that they read consistently and have been influenced by. So here is my list of 3 three bloggers I’m thankful for (there are more, but I like the number 3 and it is a manageable list for you to check out for yourself.) Tentblogger.com by John Saddington
John writes all about how to be a better blogger. He is incredibly insightful and full of specific resource ideas but is also user friendly enough that it isn’t too daunting for the typical blogger to be encouraged by.
Sethgodin.com by Seth Godin
Seth is a marketing genius and has a terrific way of looking at the world and seeing how to improve things. He writes many short posts and will constantly challenge your thinking.
donmilleris.com by Donald Miller
Don is one of the best Christian writers of our day and a few of his blogs in particular have really given me food for thought. A good source of ongoing profound ideas that are well written.
What bloggers are you thankful for? I’d love to see some comments with the people that regularly speak into your life through their blog.

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