Top Posts of 2016

Top Posts of 2016

This was a crazy year.

I don’t think that needs an explanation. But it also brought record traffic on my blog and that’s thanks to those of you who faithfully read what I wrote, and especially those of you who shared it on your own platforms. There was much to write on in 2016 and most of it was polarizing. Below are my top five blog posts from this past year in order. Unusual for me is that three of them are about politics. I normally try and refrain from entering my opinions into that conversation but I felt that I needed to this year.

So in case you missed any of them (or just wanted to enjoy them again), here are the top 5 of 2016.

  1. An Appeal to Christians who Support Trump
  2. Why My Kids Go to Public School
  3. 10 Observations After Writing About Donald Trump
  4. Top 20 Quotes from the Leadership Summit
  5. What Israel Taught Me about America’s Election

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Jeremy Jernigan

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