Top Posts of 2014

Top Posts of 2014

The end of the year always affords me perspective on my blogging efforts. Again, I want to extend a hearty thanks to you for reading and sharing my posts like you have. While posting on a regular basis certainly adds an element of stress to everything else I’m trying to do, the reality is that it is such a blessing to work out ideas on here before they end up in print or in a sermon. Your feedback is immensely valuable to me and helps me to grow. Here are my top 5 posts from this year (based on traffic) in case you missed any of them or wanted to revisit them for fun:
  1. A Theological Response to Robin Williams (and Matt Walsh)
  2. Misquoted Verses (Philippians 4:13)
  3. Top 15 Quotes from Mark Batterson
  4. Misquoted Verses of the Bible (Job 1:21)
  5. Initial Thoughts with a Foster Child
Looking back on this list I’m reminded just how much of my thoughts (and time/effort) were spent on our new journey as foster parents that started back in January. While my initial post about it made it to number five on my list, I also added an entire category about it where you can follow all posts related to our journey by clicking here. Many of those posts describe our journey during the prep process before we had our little guy with us (and our first foster child is still with us as of this writing). Another observation, based on the fact that two of the five were from the same series of posts, is that I need to keep writing posts about misquoted verses of the Bible. While they take a bit of work to write, they end up being some of my favorite posts and I hear from a lot of you guys that they’ve been helpful for you. You can see the entire list of them thus far by clicking here. Thanks for reading. I’ll keep working on my writing and attempting to provide something useful for you to read.

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