A Deal With God

I was on a ride-a-long last Sunday with one of my friends from Third Format who is a Gilbert officer. He introduced me to his closest friend in the force and we got to talking over some food. I asked him about his view of God and he told me that he and God had an agreement. Intrigued, I asked him for the details.

He told me that he agreed to not talk bad about God and that God wouldn’t talk bad about him.

Wow. I didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry tears of remorse for such a broken image of God. Yet this implied fear/anger toward God is not unique to him. As I’ve reflected on that conversation since then I’ve been reminded of how many people out there live in isolation from a loving God who wants nothing more than to reconcile Himself to them. And it’s usually “Christians” who push them away. How do we be the church for people like this?

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Jeremy Jernigan

Speaker | Author | Founder of Communion Wine Co. https://linktr.ee/JeremyJernigan