Hitting the Target?

As most of you know, I love baseball. There is so much to the sport that is so interesting to me. Part of the game involves pitchers intentionally hitting batters for different reasons (many people would refer to this as “dirty” baseball but it is a part of it nonetheless). Then rivalry and team loyalty kicks in and the opposing pitcher will “protect” his team by following suit and hitting a batter himself. I’ve seen this with the Yankees/Red Sox numerous times. It is a subtle part of the game. I came across a video today of something I had never seen though. A high school player beans an umpire…directly in the face. Coincidence? Decide for yourself. (Hint: watch what the catcher does as he “misses” the ball). Watch it here. You can read an in depth play-by-play here. So here is my question: should this be considered another part of the game (if you really don’t like how the ump is calling the game) or is this immoral and something that should be banned and punished at all costs? I can say this though, if it was intentional then that guy can throw!

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