Memorizing Scripture – Pt. 2

I’ve blogged before on my desire to memorize scripture, you can read my previous post here, and I’ve stumbled across something that will help me do this much more efficiently. Many of you commented on my post last time about your own desire to do this. Yet the conversation always turns to the difficulty in disciplining yourself in this area. I recently read about software that helps you with spaced repetition (don’t I sound smart) and memorizing things for the long haul. I recently downloaded a free software called Anki that basically helps you like flash cards. You make files of what you want to memorize and it quizzes you. Depending on how easy or hard it is for you to recall each card it then determines how long until you need to be quizzed on that card again. This is a much more efficient way to spend time memorizing and hopefully will help it to last in your head for years to come. They figured out an algorithm (there’s a word I never thought I’d use after again after my high school math classes) that tracks how we memorize and then apply it to whatever you are working on. Download it for yourself and let me know what your thoughts are on it.

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