Look for What Others Don’t See

My goal these days is to write at least one blog post a week. I post them on Wednesday when I’ve got the time and the inspiration is flowing easily. Sometimes it posts on Thursday. And on weeks like this one, you get it on Friday. This week I took my exam for WSET level 2 certification in wine (and studied obsessively beforehand), wrote a message for my sermon at Central this weekend, and celebrated my son’s eleventh birthday. Hence, the Friday post.

And in addition, I’m a bit mentally thought out. So here’s a fun one for you this Friday. Below is the video of a play that happened this week (on Thursday) from the Yankee’s game. They ultimately lost this game, but this was one of the crazier plays I’ve ever seen. The Astros were using what is referred to as a “defensive shift” which means the infield was not in their normal spots. Gleyber Torres noticed this and took advantage of it.

I don’t have much love for the Astros these days after they were caught cheating to win a championship in 2017. So I’ll admit I have an unhealthy appreciation for the shock on their faces in the clip. But I’m in awe of how quickly Gleyber saw the opportunity and then immediately took the risk. Had it backfired he’d be criticized up and down. But since he pulled it off, he walks off the field as a giant.

As one of the announcers (Paul O’Neil) said, “I don’t know if we’ve ever seen this play in a major league baseball game.”

Look for what others don’t see. And then run for it.

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