Out of courtesy to others, I try not to talk about my love for the Yankees too much. Or at least try to avoid blogging about it excessively. I realize that’s a pretty subjective line and one that people may feel I cross from time to time. But when you’ve named your kids after legendary Yankee players there tends to be something significant about the way you view being a fan. For me, it goes beyond just this team or that team. It pushes past the controversy and the opposition. It’s something pure about a game. A game that both brings people together and pushes them apart. A game that garners favorable words like “classic” and unfavorable words like “slow.” It’s about a franchise that celebrates history. That celebrates all that is worth playing for even when each season delivers on that intent better or worse than other seasons. It’s about one hundred and sixty two games a year. About investment of millions and a determination to compete. And it repeats itself every year. It’s about a homegrown player that stays in one place for his entire career. About a player who rises above the rest. A player who leads superstars. I guess you could say in a word what I love about the essence of Derek Jeter is respect. This video seriously gives me goosebumps and I hope you can find an appreciation for the essence of the game even if you happen to not care for the Yankees. And yes, my second child is named after him.

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Jeremy Jernigan

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