A Perspective on Fear

One of the ways that I get out of the Christian bubble is by volunteering my time as a police chaplain. It makes for some interesting stories to be sure. I was on a ride-a-long last friday and I got into some great conversations with the officer I rode with. I asked him all sorts of questions. One of them was “Do you ever get afraid?” His anwer kind of startled me. “Never.” “Really?” I said. To me, I thought he might have just been trying to be macho or keeping up with the tough cop image. Lucky for me he must have seen my perplexed look and he felt compelled to elaborate. “I trust in my training and the other officers around me. What is there to be afraid of?” “I don’t know, the unknown?” I confidently fired back. And then it dawned on me how lame I sounded. Was I afraid of something? I have been replaying that conversation in my mind all week. What if I viewed my Christian life like this? What if I looked fear in the face and gave it no concern because I was so confident in my God and in those who God had put around me? And I began to see a beautiful image of how we should act as believers. Suddenly, 2 Timothy 1:7 makes more sense. We are not to live with fear and uncertainty of the unknown, but with confidence and passion that we are well equipped for what is before us. Bring on the unknown.

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Jeremy Jernigan

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