Jim and Casper

I had the opportunity to interview Jim Henderson and Matt Casper, the authors of the book, Jim and Casper Go to Church. Jim is a former pastor and Matt is an athiest. They went across the country and evaluated different church experiences. In part of the conversation Matt talks about what he feels when people try to get him to come to church by threatening him with hell. His answer is provactive and insightful.

(CASPER) “I’m not interested in going to your church because I’m scared about hell. What kind of starting point for any kind of relationship is that?”

(JIM) “For example, when you hear that question, it’s like someone coming up to you and saying…”

(CASPER) “What would you do if I told you your wife was screwing around on you right now? It’s really a very uncomfortable, negative thing to say to someone. And it’s definitely not a starting point for a friendship or any type of relationship. And so I’ve never been a big subscriber of that when people threaten me with hell. C’mon, give me a break. So the nature of communicating with anybody is about finding common ground.”

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Jeremy Jernigan

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