A Week Unlike Any Other

As many of you know by now, Central finally reached the point where we needed to let some of our staff go as a result of the economy. I’ve never experienced anything like this personally, and I haven’t even met a person in leadership who has. For me, it makes sense logically of what had to be done, but the emotions of it are difficult to push through. I have been so encouraged by the response of our staff through this, both those who had to let people go, and those that found themselves suddenly without a job. I get the sense that God is working powerfully around us in ways that nobody can see. And I am beyond excited that it seems that collectively we all seem to be trusting and relying on Him more. I’ve been able to see a beautiful picture of the Church through this in a time where you’d expect it to go bad. It’s good to know that when the economy tanks, God doesn’t. My prayers go out to our remaining staff and the new challenges we face. My prayers go out to the families of all those who have been affected by the layoffs. I pray that unity continues to prevail.

Click here to read a great perspective from a staff member with the difficult task of leading in this situation. Click here to read a great perspective of a former staff member whose trust in God and character has been revealed through this.

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Jeremy Jernigan

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