Storm Updates

Well, I’ve learned a whole lot about my Blackberry Storm since I last posted about it. For one, I’ve been shown an amazing new website called Data Dude where he gives you free advice and downloads for Verizon phones. Seriously, if you have Verizon you have to check this out! (It is like a free version of Crackberry). You can even email the guy with questions. In addition, I’ve learned two tricks that allow my phone to work far better than it was. So, if you have a Blackberry Storm, here are my two important words of wisdom:
  1. Pull out the battery at least once a week. This will reset the phone completely and will keep it from getting bogged down in anything. Kind of like restarting your computer. (this fixed a problem I was having for over a month)
  2. Hold down the menu key for at least 3 seconds to see a list of programs that you have open. I learned that when you hit the end key to back out of a program, it keeps the program running in the background. This slows down the phone. You need to open the program and hit “close” to actually stop it running. Who knew?
Thanks to my friend Danny for imparting Storm wisdom to me and for the heads up on this stuff. Who knew the older guys could show us younger guys a thing or two about technology?

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