2 Tricks to Become a Morning Person

My New Year’s resolution for 2013 was to regularly wake up earlier. As a self professed night owl this has been a challenge. As I updated in February, I’ve been able to make some progress bit by bit. My goal has been to offer encouragement for the many other people who easily make it to the single digits before they go to bed each night but then feel like they are always late to the party each morning. I’ve recently hit a couple of new breakthroughs. I read through this article and came away with a couple great insights on how to trick yourself into waking up earlier. First, focus on the same wakeup time each day instead of the same bedtime. This is the opposite of what I was trying. According to the article, the problem for many of us in this scenario is that we sleep in a bit later on the weekends and our body reverts back to what is normal. Then we begin anew every Monday morning. While my body hasn’t yet adjusted to this (I hit a serious wall around naptime), I’ve gone a week or so hitting the same wakeup time each day. The Carrot Alarm Clock app snooze Second, if you are a deep sleeper like myself, use a smart alarm. These are alarms that require you to do something in order to turn it off. I searched the Apple store high and low and finally landed on something called the Carrot Alarm. This is a smart alarm with a female personality (they call her your mistress) who takes over your phone each morning. She gives you “chores” to do before you can turn off the music. It can include pinching an icon on your screen, tapping a box for a set number of times, shaking your phone, etc. And if you try to sleep through this or don’t get it done in time… you hear from her. She begins to insult you and let you know that consequences will follow if you don’t get your act together. The mix of humor, activity, and personality create an experience that makes it much easier to wake up from a deep sleep. I’ve often found myself chuckling out loud in response to something she has said or some prompt on my screen. To give you an example of the humor, I was going through the tutorial on how to use the app and decided to try the sleep feature. Bad move. Upon that decision this message popped onto my screen. Well played Carrot, well played. If you want to start becoming more of a morning person, pick the same wakeup time each morning and try subjecting yourself to a little friendly abuse. If you are interested, you can find out more info on the alarm app by clicking here.

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