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Zap Reader LogoIf you are a regular to my blog you know that my “reading” category is the most often used. I’ve been able to dramatically increase the amount of books I read with audio books on apps like Audible but I still wish I could ingest and retain more content faster. It’s the curse of the web age. While there are plenty of tips and tricks to train yourself to read faster, here is something you can apply immediately and it doesn’t require any training. There is an online tool called ZapReader that feeds you the words at a speed and grouping of your choosing. This can be incredibly useful for online articles, blogs, or any document that you can copy and paste into the program. Here is a video explanation of what the software does (try and move beyond the voice in the video): I’ve been using the “Zap page” tool and it quickly converts the text on a page and auto-plays it in my saved format of choice. For any of you who like reading and wish you could do more of it, this is a must have tool. And it’s free. Click here to check it out for yourself.

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