Bible Reading Plan for 2012

[I]n 2011 I read through the Chronological Bible reading plan. It is structured by when they think all the events happened and not in the order they appear. This allowed me to get a new sense for how the narrative flows together and proved to be incredibly insightful for me. For 2012, I want to read the Bible in the order the books were written. This will allow me to get a sense for the development of mankind’s understanding of God and His increased revelation of Himself to us. If you haven’t picked a Bible reading plan for next year I would invite you to try this with me. I will be consulting two resources in doing this.
  1. First, is the plan on YouVersion called “Historical.” I love using YouVersion as my Bible app—both on my iPhone and my iPad. It easily allows you to keep track of your reading for the day and to catch up if you get behind. It also allows you to audibly read through the Bible depending on which Bible version you are using. Best of all, it’s all free!
  2. Second, one of my good friends named Kyle from Bible college made his own version of a historical plan based on his studies. I have immense respect for this guy and what he has put together is incredible. He has created an excel file with notes about the plan that offer tons of insight and perspective while you read it. This background alone makes his plan stand out. In addition, he created a bookmark to print out for easy access. Kyle’s plan isn’t broken into chapters so this would mean you would read at your own pace and stop each day when it seems to make sense in the text. Click here to download it for yourself.
I invite you to use one of these two above or to pull from both of them. In addition to changing reading plans each year, I also like to change which version of the Bible I read. This allows me to continue to see new insights in Scripture and to keep me from skimming over passages that are familiar to me. Last year, I read a combination of the 1984 NIV, the TNIV, and the new NIV. All of these are similar but with subtle modifications. This next year I’m using the NASB (New American Standard Bible) which is a more word-for-word translation. How about you? Which Bible reading plan are you using for 2012?

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