Bible Reading Plan for 2014

Professor Horner's Bible Reading Plan January is quickly approaching and that means a new year to try new things or begin anew on things that you trailed off with in 2013. I would encourage you now to consider reading through the Bible in 2014. Sadly, few people ever read it cover to cover due to its size but it is completely manageable. The trick is to intentionally pick a reading plan and make it a natural part of your routine each day. When read daily it will balance your perspective and ground you in God’s Truth no matter what each day brings. Even greater is the perspective you get from reading year after year and seeing things you’ve never noticed before. Those of you who have followed my blog for years now know that I pick a new reading plan and a new Bible translation each year. This is to stretch me and keep me from setting into a rut. This is the same concept as muscle confusion for those of you workout-nerds among us. One of the reasons this is recommended for physical workouts is that “The body should never be allowed to accommodate to an exercise to the point where the exercise is ineffective and results are no longer seen.” The same is true of your mind, heart, and soul when it comes to experiencing God’s Word. Sadly, many people either don’t read through the Bible or read it and don’t ever get much out of it. I’ve found that changing reading plans and changing translations each year are great ways to enhance your time spent reading. Click here to see which reading plans and translations I’ve used in past years. This year I’m going to use the English Standard Version. I’ve never read this version before so I’m excited to get an all new perspective. Also, I’ll be revisiting a plan called Professor Horner’s Bible Reading System. A daunting name for sure but one heck of a way to read the Bible. I previously reviewed the plan a few years ago. In a nutshell it is ten chapters a day from ten different books of the Bible. It allows for a truly unique vantage point to understand Scripture. It is scheduled for eight months but it can be repeated indefinitely and will provide a unique reading every single day no matter how long you continue it. My plan is to read five chapters a day for most days and then do ten chapters on days when I have more time to read. This should get me through the Bible in a year although much of it will be repeated. Click here to check out which plans are available for free on YouVersion and pick one for yourself!

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