Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

But it can make you a lot of money. Let me explain. I was given a pack of Mike and Ike candies for my birthday and Mike’s name was crossed out on the box. I asked my friend who gave it to my why he did that. He responded by telling me that they came that way. This was a bit hard to believe as it looked exactly like someone had taken a sharpie to the box. Upon further review—I Googled it of course—I realized that the packages really do come that way now. Apparently, Mike has decided to pursue a music career and Ike wants to be an artist. According to this article in the NY Times the company is spending $15 million dollars on this ad campaign. In case you were wondering, that’s what this is all about. For the record, Mike and Ike aren’t based on real people and therefore don’t exist. The genius of breaking them apart (for show) is that they are creating buzz and intrigue. You can check out how deep this goes on a Facebook page devoted to the candy. The campaign will last for a year and we all get to hear the fate of the couple at that time. As one marketing VP put it,
“In this day and age, everything is so obvious, it’s in front of you, you can see it. This is at the opposite end of the spectrum because they’re creating intrigue…”
Not a bad creative application for a candy company. It’s a good reminder for us that creativity improves just about anything. I’d encourage you to think of something you are currently working on and consider how some out of the box creativity could make it better. What is your reaction to the candy break up?

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Jeremy Jernigan

Speaker | Author | Founder of Communion Wine Co.