Words I Live By (Pt.3)

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This line is a variation of a blog post I wrote called The Bark of the Poodle. With the popularity of social media, so many people have a platform to tell others what is happening. What I notice is how many people spend that opportunity telling the rest of us how great their life is.

Here’s why this is tricky. If things are going well in your life, then talking about your life will show this. But if things aren’t going well in a certain area of your life, your temptation will be to convince others—and without realizing it, yourself as well—that things are going well in your life even though you know deep inside that it isn’t accurate.

And here’s the real kicker: the people most likely to talk about how great things are going are usually the ones that have to work to convince you. The reason being is that they have motivation to do so, where a confident person doesn’t. If you believe them, and if they start to believe themselves, then suddenly they feel better about things. A confident person knows that they have nothing to gain by convincing you of how well they are doing.

It’s a good filter to process anytime you feel the need to point out how well things are going. Are you depicting reality, or are you trying to fabricate something that doesn’t exist?

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Jeremy Jernigan

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