Pointing Out the Captain

[T]his past weekend my Dad and I flew to Amarillo, Texas. That shouldn’t be a long a flight, but apparently there isn’t much demand to fly into Amarillo so we had to stop in Denver (not exactly on our way) first. We were flying Southwest, and apart from the mad rush to get a good seat, this usually means a pleasant experience. What was unique about our flight over is that while we were loading the plane with passengers, one of the attendants got on the intercom and pointed out that Southwest is known for hard working employees who go above and beyond. Then he drew our attention to our captain for the flight who happened to be helping to load bags outside to help speed our process along. At first this seemed to instill the reaction that the attendant was going for. Wow, our pilot would do that for us? But as we discussed it more we were less impressed. The guy who was responsible for our safety as we sat in a giant metal tube in the sky was in the extreme heat loading our bags? Is this really an encouraging sight? More importantly, why was our attendant, who seemed to be so aware of the captain’s actions, not the one out there? It strikes me that the people who truly serve others do so in a way that often defies conventional logic. Even to the people who notice it. I’m sure the attendant felt that by pointing out the captain he was somehow vicariously serving us as well. But it doesn’t work that way. So here’s a reminder to us all to be the person actually serving others instead of the one pointing it out.

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Jeremy Jernigan

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