My Top 20 Quotes from the Leadership Summit

[L]ast week Central hosted the Leadership Summit again. It is a great conference with a variety of speakers that challenges your faith, your leadership, and your thinking in general. I’ve now had a few days to process through the fire-hose of content and I wanted to share the top 20 quotes that most stood out to me.

Seth Godin

“If failure is not an option, then neither is success.” “Too many people are holding onto something while it rots.” “If it’s worth doing, why aren’t you doing it now?”  


Erwin McManus

“We need a revival of great storytelling. Whoever tells the best story shapes culture.” “Sometimes the truth is lost in a bad story.” “An ordinary human has never been born. But most of us die as tragically ordinary humans.”  

Dr. Henry Cloud

“God has called you to be a steward of a vision.”        

Steven Furtick

“One of the reasons we struggle with insecurity is because we are comparing our behind-the-scenes with others highlight reels.” “The difference between a vision and a daydream is the audacity to act.” “If your vision isn’t intimidating to you, there’s a good chance that it’s insulting to God.”

John Dickson

“Humility is beautiful – we are more attracted to the great who are humble than to the great who want us to know it.” “What we don’t know and can’t do far exceeds what we do know and can do.”    

 Mama Maggie Gobran

“In silence you leave many and meet the One.”        

Patrick Lencioni

“People are hungry for those who will tell them the kind truth.” “The only thing worse than someone farting in a meeting is someone pretending they didn’t fart in a meeting.” “Your job is not to look smart. It’s to help your team do more and better.”  

Bill Hybels

“If we aren’t careful we can become addicted to the narcotic of success and growth.” “Nothing rocks forever.”    

 Michelle Rhee

“I would much rather deal with anger than apathy.” “If you pay attention to where the yelling is the loudest then you turn your back on those who need you to lead.”     What ideas from this list most resonate with you? Or, if you were there yourself, what stood out to you the most?

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