Catalyst One Day Conference Notes

Andy and Craig - Catalyst One Day EventToday a bunch of us from Central attended the Catalyst One Day event in Glendale. It is 4 sessions with Andy Stanley (Northpoint) and Craig Groeschel ( Here are some of their ideas that stood out to me:
“What you become aware of drives your discontentment.” Andy Stanley “The difference between where you are and where God wants you to be is the painful decisions you are unwilling to make.” Craig Groeschel “Design your ministry around your values, not the other way around.” Craig Groeschel “You can ‘how’ a ‘what’ to death.” Andy Stanley “God also guides by where He does not provide.” Craig Groeschel “The more you need to know [in your organization], the more you’ll limit what God can do through you.” Craig Groeschel “Over time, sustaining the model can become the mission.” Andy Stanley “Where are we manufacturing energy? (What are we pretending is awesome that we know isn’t?)” Andy Stanley “‘Make disciples’ is the mission. It’s not ‘keep the Christians happy.'” Andy Stanley

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