Hilary Watson at Central

Hilary WatsonThis Sunday we had guest artist Hilary Watson lead worship for us at our Gilbert morning services. It is pretty common to have guest artists/worship leaders at Central and I’ve personally interacted with many of them. Almost all of the ones we bring into Central have great talent musically and vocally. I’ve come to expect that. What I don’t expect is for them to surprise me by what they do off-stage. I want to give a shameless plug for Hilary and her music, especially for those of you who weren’t able to see her, not just because she is a very talented artist. She is. I want to give her a shameless plug because of how impressed I was with her the rest of the time. Let me share two specific examples from Sunday morning that you’d never know about her by listening to her play in the services. First, as I talked with one of our staff who was running her merch table, he told me that she had instructed them to give away her CDs for free if anyone didn’t have enough money to buy them. For an artist that is trying to establish herself, and that relies solely on music as an income, this is impressive. Second, I was walking around the lobby in between services talking with people. Hilary had a small window of time in between each service to be at her table and increase her CD sales. I happened to overhear her ask a little child if she was lost and then walk with them to find their parents. All this to say, she’s a class act on stage and off and I’d encourage you to check out her music and support her. Click here to go to her website and check out her two CDs.

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