Check out the new look!

You may have noticed that looks a bit different these days. With the help of my good friend Mark Miller, of the fame, I have overhauled the look and function of the site. Here are some new things to notice:
  1. There is now a sliding feature at the top of the page that highlights different posts. Right now, I have a handful of my Off the Record interviews there in case you missed one. In my opinion, there is a goldmine of thoughts in each person’s responses, so I’d love to keep those on the forefront of the blog.
  2. You’ll notice that now only snippets of each blog post are shown. This is so I can keep the home page cleaner by not showing full articles, and also so that I can more accurately see which articles people are reading most. To read the full post just click on the title or the “read more” link at the end of the preview.
  3. My Twitter status updates have moved to the bottom of the page, but you’ll notice that you can still subscribe your email on the right side column as well as see my last 4 books I’ve read.
  4. Like on Facebook, you can now choose to “like” a post. This is especially beneficial for those of you that are adverse to leaving a comment but like to interact. This feature syncs with your Facebook account. Feel free to use this button aggressively, it’s good for my self-esteem.
So I invite you to look around at the new changes and let me know what you think!

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