The Conundrum of the Cookie

The Conundrum of the Cookie

Life is full of uncertainty. As a case in point, my wife and I recently had a handful of discussions that belong on an episode of Seinfeld. With the addition of our fourth child we realized that some of our household tasks were getting more difficult to keep up with. As a result, we asked for some recommendations of cleaning companies that could come a couple times a month. We received a handful and finally decided to try out one of the top options. We were both a bit uncertain about how the whole process works as we’ve never used a company like this before. For our first appointment, my wife took the kids out of the house so that some cleaning could actually take place. When she returned a few hours later, she noticed that the house looked great and had a clean smell to it (maybe that was just mental, but I swear there is a “clean” smell). But one thing in particular caught Michelle’s eye. There was a half eaten cookie in the living room. No big deal right? It was probably one of our kids you’re thinking. But anyone who knows little kids knows that there is NO WAY any amount of a cookie is going to make it sitting at their level. Not to mention that it would be pretty comical for a cleaning company to clean everywhere around half of a cookie in an odd location but to leave the cookie itself. So Michelle went into the kitchen to check on the actual box of cookies (which is above kid level) and found the box opened. Now proceed drawing your own conclusions. So… on day one our new cleaning company ate one of our cookies, or half of one to be more precise. To be clear, neither Michelle or myself cares that they had one of our cookies. We would have gladly shared them had we known they had such a sweet tooth. The concern here is that if they’re willing to help themselves with that, what else would they help themselves to in our home? Then the official debate began. What is the smartest response to this? Do you wait till next time and call them out on it? What if they admit to it and then feel awkward from that point on? What if they deny it? Do we fire them over half a cookie? So the debate continued. This week was visit number two. My wife decided on a creative strategy to address this dilemma: she intentionally left a bag of cookies on the counter and counted how many were in it. And the wait began. Upon returning home, all cookies were present and accounted for. So the conundrum is solved. Or is it? Life is full of delightful uncertainties.

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Jeremy Jernigan

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