It’s incredible to see momentum created in an area that feels overwhelming. Just this week Michelle and I were approached by two different families who are interested in becoming foster parents. This is encouraging beyond belief. Throughout our almost two year journey of becoming foster parents, we’ve worked to avoid two different extremes:
  1. That we would be faithful foster parents but would never impact or encourage other people beyond our immediate family. While we can certainly be faithful to the children entrusted to us, the problem dwarves us in size.
  2. That we would be an encouragement to others but that it would be little more than a symbolic gesture on our own part. While we can raise awareness for others, we can also make an impact ourselves and live it out.
That’s why I’ve tried to write about our journey as we go and also why I want to share videos like the one above. It does a tremendous job showing the darkness of the issue while also showing the healing which is possible. While they appropriately titled the short film ReMoved, I titled this post Moved in response. Because that is the hope I have seen through this process. People can be moved to action. Darkness can be moved toward light. This largely unknown problem can be moved into people’s awareness. This epidemic can be moved closer toward healing. I’m reminded of what Wolfgang Simson once said whenever we feel the weight of a daunting challenge like this:
“A spiritual stronghold is a mindset, impregnated with hopelessness, which causes us to accept as unchangeable, that which we know to be contrary to the will of God.”
Instead of starting with the question of what part you could play, I would invite you to simply allow your heart to be broken for the thousands of children in this situation. After that, your heart is in a place for God to stir you to whatever He might lead you to do. Even if it isn’t to become a foster family yourself, there are countless ways that you can be a blessing to the hurting people in these situations. Just allow your heart to be moved. Or, you just might end up being the next family that contacts us for more info!

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Jeremy Jernigan

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