UFC On Ice

snv10744Michelle and I were given amazing tickets to the Coyotes hockey game last night. We were sitting in the Toyota Club section and were right behind the Coyotes bench. In addition to the great seats we had, we also were able enjoy an all you can eat buffet (including lamb).

I found myself constantly observing the legend himself, Mr. Wayne Gretsky, as he stood just a few feet from us. He was surprisingly mellow throughout the entire game.

Living up to its stereotype, we even got to see a fight break out. And I have to say, it is kind of odd to see how it plays out in person. Everyone else on the ice, refs included, stand around and wait for the fight to end or go to the ground before anybody intervenes. As Michelle put it, it’s kind of like UFC on Ice. I had a lot more fun than I expected and I also realized that hockey is one major sport that I really don’t understand.


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Jeremy Jernigan

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