The Green Bible

The Green Bible I recently purchased a new version of the Bible called the Green Bible. It is in the NRSV translation (New Revised Standard Version) and focuses on how God’s truth applies to our environment and earth. I am going to read through the New Testament in this Bible to see how the NRSV words it and also to see this Bible in more detail. There are two things that stand out about this Green Bible.
  1. It is printed “eco-friendly.” The paper is made using ten percent post-consumer content. It is printed with soy-based inks and the all-natural 100% cotton/linen cover material is produced in a green friendly environment (all air is purified before exhausting into the atmosphere and all water is purified and recycled.)
  2. Passages that speak into God’s love for creation are in green ink. This is similar to how many Bibles print Jesus’ words in red ink.
My initial blush at this is mixed. On one hand, I like that they are showing a new aspect of God’s word that many people have overlooked. And they aren’t changing the wording, it is still NRSV. I even like the feel of the Bible and knowing how it was printed. However, it makes me slightly nervous to create a culture of printing Bibles focusing on whatever you want it to focus on. Especially since some of the green passages I’ve seen don’t appear to speak into God’s care for creation (which means that there may be more green passages than are arguably warranted). This hesitation of mine is similar to why I don’t quote the Message in sermons, as I think of that more like a commentary than a Bible itself.
Will this open the door to other versions with other colors of ink to highlight things?

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Jeremy Jernigan

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