Crowdsourcing the Message

It’s been a few weeks now since my book officially released and I wanted to take a moment and explain who it is written for and what it’s about. If you follow my blog you probably are aware of it—but you might not have an adequate understanding of the book itself. I wrote the book with a healthy dose of humor—so hopefully it is an enjoyable read for just about anyone—but there are three groups of people in particular that I believe would benefit from it.
  1. Preachers—it doesn’t just have to be senior pastors. Anybody who teaches regularly in the Church can benefit from a team approach like this book discusses. Student pastors or volunteer teachers can all benefit from the process.
  2. Teaching-minded Church attendees—the collaborative preaching approach invites non-staff members of the Church into the preaching development process. If you have a love for what is said during the weekend messages, this could be you. Even if you aren’t a preacher or never plan to get on stage yourself. This is the group I hope gets the most out of the book.
  3. Central attendees—even if you wouldn’t consider yourself in groups 1 or 2 you may be interested in this discussion if you have a love for what God is doing through Central. This book offers a unique, behind-the-scenes look at our process and much of it would be things that the typical person at Central is unaware of.
As the book tagline says, we are “engaging people in the church for powerful and effective teaching to the church.” I obviously love preaching and love communicating so this is a chance to bring others into this discussion. People who have stood on the sidelines for too long. You can visit the landing page for the book at: Amazon hasn’t updated the page for it yet, so click here to get the print version and click here for the Kindle version.

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Jeremy Jernigan

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