False Advertising

This cartoon made me laugh. Terms and Conditions pages have become absurd. I think I might have actually read one or two a few years ago. Now I don’t even think that there is something I’m supposed to do about them other than check the little box next to them. We do the same thing in other areas of life. Think of how we often describe Christianity to people. It will answer all your questions, fix all your problems, and make sure that you are always happy. Just check the box and accept Jesus into your heart. Oh, except that none of those things actually happen when you begin to respond to Jesus. What really happens is something far more profound and life altering, but it isn’t easy to quantify or “sell” to someone. Instead of checking a box to get it, you have to submit yourself daily to the life that Jesus is inviting you into. It means accepting a great mystery far bigger than what your reality can hold. One where you often create more questions than answers. It means daily deciding to do things His way instead of what often feels natural. But that is the only way we experience the life to the full that Jesus describes in John 10:10. When it comes to your faith, don’t just check the box.

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Jeremy Jernigan

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