Deploy to Your Community

Here’s your chance to add to the messages at Central each week as we employ open source sermon prep (or more accurately, “crowd sourcing”). In a couple weeks, we’ll be in our series, Now More Than Ever, where we’ll be celebrating 50 years as a church. The focus of this series will be on carrying our cross and how we can fulfill the third D of our strategy (discover, develop, deploy). We’ll be highlighting 50 ways in 50 days on how to serve others. Let’s brainstorm for the week where we’ll deploy to your community.

So if you can take a moment, please leave a comment with any ideas you come up with concerning movie clips, quotes, scriptures, illustrations, stories, etc. for the topic of deploying (or serving) to your community. The sky is the limit, so think creatively and share some of your genius with us.

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Jeremy Jernigan

Speaker | Author | Founder of Communion Wine Co.